The Music

Antonio de la Malena: Music Director and Singer (cantaor) Two Streets & Adela

Antonio de la Malena is a well-known flamenco singer (cantaor) who has also been artistic director and co-artistic director of many large and complicated flamenco performances. He is very familiar with microphones, sound balance, and sound quality. In addition, he provided all the musicians for Two Streets & Adela, making him a natural when it came to choosing a music director.


Malena Hijo: Guitarist/Lead Musician, Two Streets & Adela

Malena Hijo, son of music director & singer Antonio de la Malena, first picked up the guitar as a very small child. He is from Jerez de la Frontera in southern Spain, so as was natural, he studied with Periquin - a well-known flamenco guitarist in Jerez. Malena Hijo has been performing professionally since he was a teenager. As might be expected, he accompanies his father and his uncle Manuel de Malena (see below), but also other flamenco singers such as Antonio Agujetas.

In addition his work accompanying flamenco cantaores, he plays with flamenco fusion groups, and writes and performs his own compositions. In Two Streets & Adela,, he acts as accompanist and in addition, is the creator and performer of the solo guitar number in the film.

Manuel de Malena: Singer (cantaor)Two Streets & Adela

Manuel de Malena, brother of music director & singer Antonio de la Malena, is a professional flamenco singer (cantaor). He spends much of his time in Japan, where he is very much sought-after for major flamenco productions, singing for all the best dancers.

Manuel del Malena never studied singing with anyone. He simply loved singing, and learned by listening. In addition, it was never his intention to become a professional cantaor, a professional flamenco singer. As a teenager, he worked as a farm laborer but that work came to an end when mechanization entered agriculture in a big way in the 1970s. After that, he worked at various jobs until his talents as a singer made it evident that this would be an appropriate way for him to earn a living, and he has continued singing since that time.

In Two Streets & Adela, he sings one of the songs we hear on the "radio," the one to which our heroine dances.

Liron Man (Liron Mann): Hang Drum Player/Lead Musician, Tone Poem with Hang Drum

Liron Man (Liron Mann) is a guitarist, a hang drum player, and a composer. The hang drum is that round thing he's holding that looks a little bit like a very small flying saucer. It sounds like an entire battery of steel drums. With its beautiful sound and Man's creative and skillful playing (all the music is original compositions/improvisation), it created a story in my mind. That story became the video.

I first heard Man in Jerez de la Frontera, in southern Spain's region called AndalucĂ­a. I was so moved that I asked him to come over to my apartment where I could interview him and record his music. In the interview, I learned that he is from Israel and had come to Jerez to study flamenco guitar - a musician through and through. I also learned that the hang drum is a recently created instrument, invented by two engineers from either Switzerland or Austria - can't remember which. The name of the instrument has undergone several changes, from hang drum to hang to pan drum to etc., etc., but for me, it remains the hang drum.